Company name: CITY OF DOUGLAS

Company Description:

Douglas Arizona is a small, charming border community with over 100 years of rich history. The city has a population of 15,000 residents and has been recently dubbed one of the nation’s best “micropolitan” areas, communities with 10,000 – 50,000 residents with superior amenities, growing economies and moderate costs of living. Founded in 1901 and incorporated four years later, Douglas was first established as a smelter site for the thriving copper mines in Bisbee. In the late 1800’s, the area’s open, grassy lands made Douglas the perfect area for roundups for many of the region’s largest cattle ranchers. And the entire valley is well known for its rich agriculture, which remains an important part of the local economy. But the city’s history pre-dates cattle ranching and copper mining. Spanish Conquistadores established presidios throughout the region and present day Douglas is close to the San Bernardino Presidio of the late 1700’s. The region also has a colorful Native American history, with names like Geromino and Cochise among the most famous Native American figures to define the southern portion of Cochise County.


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